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North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision - Fall 2016 Conference
October 20-22 - Embassy Suites Minneapolis Airport
Thursday, October 20

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#StayWoke: Promoting Healthy Identity through Advocacy Strategies for Elementary Students of Color -#162 Azalea 1A. Leslie Anderson • Taryne M. Mingo An Introduction to and Overview of the CACREP 2016 Standards -#171 Palm 2Robert Urofsky Counselor Education: A Personal Growth Experience -#164 Willow 1Melissa Naslund Finding and Fostering a Community of Support to Ignite Career Development -#127 GardeniaKerry Diekmann • Laura Maki Let's Play! Illuminating the Need for School-Based Play Therapy -#149 Azalea 2Sara Rambo • Holly Wagner Race Matters: Empowering Counselor Educators to Engage in Critical Race Dialogues - #102 Willow 2George R. Armitage • Dominique D. Burns Using Created Metaphor to Enhance Counselor Trainee Self-Efficacy: Research Findings -#131 OrchidLisa Longo • Krista Predragovich Collaborative Teaching: Assessment in Counseling and Undergraduate Research -#304 MagnoliaYuh-Jen Guo • Shu-Ching Wang Differences between the 2009 and 2016 CACREP Standards Addiction-Related Competencies -#307 MagnoliaStephen E. Craig • Tiffany K. Lee-Parker • Zanovia Tucker Differences in Counselors' Self-talk by Cognitive Complexity Level -#309 MagnoliaDavid K. Duys • Injung Lee Significant Learning and Counselor Education -#301 MagnoliaAmy E. Williams Ass and Trees 101: Paradoxical considerations for working with transition-age minority men -#225 Palm 1 RT3Kashunda McGriff Developing Their Voice: Using Supervision to Help School Counselors Become Better Advocates -#219 Palm 1 RT4Erin M. D. Lane Living simply: An introduction to simplicity practices for counselor educators and supervisors -#222 Palm 1 RT1Dynetta N. Clark • Jennifer M. Foster Tips for Creating and Maintaining your Tenure Portfolio: Innovation on the Tenure Track -#238 Palm 1 RT2Amber Randolph

3:30pm CDT

Advancing the profession through community-based participatory research -#157 Azalea 1Tahani Dari • Caroline O'Hara Are we educating our Counselor Educators to educate? -#105 Willow 1Meredith L.T. Montgomery • Mei Tang Identifying and Evaluating Professional Dispositions of Doctoral Counselor Education Students -#174 Palm 2Jane A. Cox • Alma J. Moore Innovative Strategies to Address Racial Battle Fatigue: #BlackLivesMatter -#116 Willow 2Monica F. Boyd • Kesha S. Burch Supervision in the sand: Integrating sandtray therapy into supervision models and theories -#160 Azalea 2yvonne garza • Naomi Timm Support for School Counselors: An examination of an innovative online supervision group of counselors in urban school settings -#175 GardeniaJennifer Londgren The Accidental English Professor, or How I Address Social Justice through Students' Writing Needs -#125 OrchidVictoria Sepulveda Exploring Supervisory Working-Stage Transition Patterns Using Markov Chain Analyses -#308 MagnoliaDavid K. Duys • Dan Li Grief in Familial Dementia Caregivers: Integrating Critical Findings into Counselor Education -#316 MagnoliaAndrew Clay Learning Activities for Teaching Case Conceptualization: Best Practices for Counselor Educators -#319 MagnoliaNa Mi Bang • George Rashid Teaching Trends in Counselor Education Reported by the ACES Teaching Interest Network -#312 MagnoliaJessica Z. Taylor Engaging Distance Learners in the Classroom through using telepresence and hybrid course design -#236 Palm 1 RT5Lisa Karch • Ken Messina • David Paul Igniting the Spark of Collaboration between School and Clinical Mental Health Students -#228 Palm 1 RT2Jennifer Mani • Dana Unger • Michael Weatherford Learning Activities to Help Deepen Counselors-in-Training Understanding of Counseling Theories -#202 Palm 1 RT4Kristin I. Douglas Repeated exposure to trauma: Shedding light on supervisees trauma-related concerns -#201 Palm 1 RT1Marlise R. Lonn Towards a stronger counselor identity: Invigorating a doctoral counselor education program -#208 Palm 1 RT3Gerta Bardhoshi • Carol Klose Smith • Susannah Wood

4:45pm CDT

Accepted: Innovating the Graduate Admissions Process for Counseling Programs -#138 OrchidScott Adair Cox • Kimberly A. Hart • Patrick McMillion • Kari Mika • Adriane Moody • Lucy Parker • Suzy Wise Examining Counselor's Development through Conceptual Metaphors -#142 Azalea 2Victoria Giegerich • Rob McKinney • Cassandra Storlie Exploited! How controlling images found in self-help books injure single African American women -#133 Azalea 1Kashunda McGriff Program Evaluation and Assessment in the CACREP 2016 Standards -#172 Palm 2Robert Urofsky Graduate Student Meeting Gardenia Clinical implications in counseling Southeast Asian Refugees -#313 MagnoliaHuynh T. Son Counselor education and disability knowledge: The next steps -#314 MagnoliaVictoria Maneev • Aaron Mertes Future focused trauma education: Expert voices in counselor education -#310 MagnoliaAsabi A. Dean The Lived Experiences of Counseling Students over the Age of 40 -#320 MagnoliaChristopher D. Bozell An Innovative Counselor Education Approach to Social Justice Through Service Learning in Guatemala -#204 Palm 1 RT4Leanne Deister-Goodwin • Timothy "T.J." Schoonover • Scott A. Wickman Cultivating Reflective Practice in Counselors -#231 Palm 1 RT1John W. Seymour From Anxiety to Self-Efficacy: Innovative Approaches to Counseling Skills Training -#237 Palm 1 RT5Tracy Peed Innovative multicultural education & supervision by diverse faculty as former international students -#213 Palm 1 RT3Hasmik Chakaryan • Muthoni Musangali • Hemla Singaravelu Pressing Issues for 21st Century Counseling Doctoral Programs: Purpose, Quality and Outcomes -#242 Palm 1 RT2Margaret L. Bloom

6:00pm CDT

Bridging the Gap: Infusing Research Perspectives into Clinical and School Counseling Practice -#129 OrchidEllen Armbruster • Szu-Yu Chen Creativity and its Essential Role in clinical supervision -#134 Azalea 1Peter Finnerty • DoHee Kim-Appel Defining College Readiness from the Inside Out: Black Female College Student Perspectives -#144 GardeniaJanice A. Byrd Gender Differences in Attitudes Toward Disability in Counselors-in-Training -#110 Palm 2Susan Bray • Jody J. Fiorini Scale Construction: Developing Reliable and Valid Measurement Instruments -#167 Azalea 2Baochun Hind Collaborative Relationships in Schools: Identifying a Model for Developing a Working Alliance -#303 MagnoliaMelissa A. Odegard-Koester • Paul Watkins Perfectionism and High school Adjustment: Self-directed learning Strategies as a mediator -#306 MagnoliaHansori Jang Service Learning in Schools: Training Counselors for Group Work -#305 MagnoliaAndrea Bjornestad Toolbox Approach to Teaching Theories to Future School Counselors -#302 MagnoliaChristina Jurekovic • Rebecca Meidinger Coming together: Building a sense of community in online programs -#218 Palm 1 RT3Casey Baker • Erin Hanke Getting Creative in Group Supervision: Activities That Promote Discussion and Reflection -#230 Palm 1 RT1Kristine Ramsay-Seaner • Blake Sandusky The Influence of Education on Stepfamily Counseling -#203 Palm 1 RT4Ashley Cosentino • Deborah Watson Using Happenstance Theory to Promote Career Development in Millennial Students -#233 Palm 1 RT2Nicole Bietz • Rachel Eaton • Erica Stene
Friday, October 21

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Assessment of Counselor Trainee Skills and Self-efficacy -#166 Willow 1Terri Jashinsky • Leeza Ong • Victoria Sepulveda • Melissa K Smothers Counselor Preparation and Adolescent Youth: A Study of Clinical Mental Health Counselors -#153 Azalea 2Brian R. Russ Innovative Pedagogy for Crisis and Trauma: A Multidimensional Context -#115 OrchidCailen Birtles • Brenda Hall • Kristen Hanson Invisible Victims: What Counselor Educators Need to Know from Boys' Accounts of Sexual Abuse -#122 Azalea 1Dynetta N. Clark • Jennifer M. Foster Online Education in Counselor Education Programs: Student & Educator Perceptions of Effectiveness -#106 Willow 2Allison Arnekrans • Robin DuFresne • Julia Hennig • Brandon Keene Using experiential learning to teach Social Justice and Advocacy to Counseling Graduate Students -#161 Palm 2Christine Arnzen • Donna Washburn Development and Initial Validation of the Microaggressions and Same-Gender Partner Loss Survey -#322 MagnoliaMarti Baricevic • Courtney Boddie • Cori Deitz • Jodi Flesner • Susan Kashubeck-West • Emily Oliveira • Brianne Overton • Carol Robinson • Tara Vossenkemper Facilitating Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Skills in Counselor Education -#317 MagnoliaIrene Harper Strengthening school counselor identity through community-based participatory research -#318 MagnoliaTahani Dari • Leslie Neyland Appropriateness of Gatekeeping for Adjunct Professors -#240 Palm 1 RT4Erin N Friedman • Melissa "Missy" Lugo Creative Pedagogy in Counselor Education: Approaches and Strategies to Inspire and Enlighten -#244 Palm 1 RT5Carla M. McGhee Creatively Infusing multicultural and social justice in counselor education classes -#210 Palm 1 RT3Kadie-Ann Caballero Dennis Sandy Identity: Future Counselor Educators Professional Identity Development through Sandtray -#206 Palm 1 RT2Andy Felton Six Thinking Hats: An Innovative Supervision Technique for Counselor Educators -#223 Palm 1 RT1Jessica Danielson • Jodi L. Tangen

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An Overview of CACREP Accreditation Process from the Perspective of First Time Accredited Programs -#159 Palm 2Tom Davis • Huan-Tang Lu • Rebecca Smith Counselor educator heal thyself: Use of self-reflection to increase culturally competent instruction -#132 Azalea 1Cindy L. Anderton Illuminating the Supervisory Practice Through Culturally Responsive Supervision -#148 OrchidRachel Awoyemi • Dharshini Goonetileke • Cha Her • Jacqueline Lewis • Sherrise Truesdale • Carolyn Vue • Sylvia Vue • Bruce Yang Scholarly Writing in Counselor Education: Strategies to Illuminate One's Innovative Ideas -#158 Willow 1Karin Lindstrom Bremer • Rachel Eaton • Lynn O'Brien • Katelyn Romsa • Thad Shunkwiler Use of Experiential Role Plays to Help Counselors in Training learn the SBIRT Approach -#141 Willow 2Denise Bowen • Christopher D. Bozell • Andrew Clay • Stephen E. Craig • Tiffany K. Lee-Parker Wellness-Focused Practicum Supervision: Research and Practice -#124 Azalea 2Darcie Davis-Gage • Kristin K. Meany-Walen Innovative Curriculum: Making your Classroom Instruction Accessible for Students with Disabilities -#229 Palm 1 RT3Jennifer Mani • Dana Unger • Michael Weatherford Incorporating Wellness Concepts within the CACREP Group Work Course Curriculum -#209 Palm 1 RT5Mansi Brat • Katie Gamby • Carla LaFarga Strengths and Challenges in Cross-Cultural Supervision: Experiences of an Ethnic Minority Supervisor -#224 Palm 1 RT4Szu-Yu Chen Wellness in Supervision: Managing Self-Care and Balance in Supervisees -#220 Palm 1 RT1Peter Finnerty • DoHee Kim-Appel

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Saturday, October 22

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Facilitating Legacy Work with Dying Clients -#111 GardeniaClaudia Sadler-Gerhardt Igniting your spirit when challenged by darkness in your work -#177 Palm 2Alexandria Coursol • Diane H. Coursol • Aaron Suomala Folkerd • Dharshini Goonetileke • Mae Lee Lor LEGO Bricks as Creative Pedagogy: Building Awareness in a Multicultural Social Justice Counseling -#139 OrchidYahyahan Aras • Lisa D. Longo • J. P. Oehrtman • Krista S. Predragovich Readiness of Counselor Education and Supervision to Provide Master's-level Suicide Training -#156 Willow 2Jenny L. Cureton Reflections of Game-Based Learning Approaches in Counselor Education and Supervision -#143 Azalea 1Julia Hennig • Brandon Keene • Zachary Pietrantoni • Leigh Shindelar • Johnna Totten Teaching tips for School Counseling courses in Counselor Education and Supervision -#130 Willow 1Heather J. Fye • Robin Sauer Training Counselors to Advocate for Men who have Sex with Men and come from a Conservative Faith -#147 Azalea 2Brad Hinman • Christopher Lacefield Innovation: Infusing RCT into Leadership Development to Foster Diversity in Counselor Education -#212 Palm 1 RT1Marlise Lonn • Angelica Tello Lighting the Fire: Encouraging One Another to Transcend Traditional Conceptions of Clinical Practice -#207 Palm 1 RT3Terry McGlasson Practice Management: Helping our students to be successful in their practice -#227 Palm 1 RT4Edward Ewe Reflective Functioning in Supervision: Expanding the Worldview of the Supervisee -#245 Palm 1 RT2Melissa K Smothers
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